Washing powder plant / Detergent powder making machine

Washing powder plant / Detergent powder making machine
Product Description

Environment-friendly High Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line​

Product Description

The "high tower spray" production device is used. The product has a specific gravity of 0.25 to 0.50 g/cm3. The product has good particle and component uniformity, good solubility and stable quality. The entire production system exhausts up to standard and no sewage is discharged. The dry exhaust gas adopts the dry and wet combined dust removal system, which meets the environmental protection standards and saves energy and reduces consumption. Set up a complete workshop dust removal system, the operating environment is clean and tidy. 

Spray drying tower is core equipment for drying & molding of detergent powder. After slurry contact with hot air from bottom to top, it will be dried and shaped in a very short time. The base powder is with good dispersibility, fluidity and solubility. We use fluid dynamic simulation technology to design, which can improve the efficiency of drying.

Technology Characteristics

1. No waste water discharge.
2. Energy saving.
3. The fine powder and the water can be recycled, and the collected sediment slurry can be used for the ratio.
4. Environmentally friendly.
5. Low investment.

Product attributes

NameEnvironment-friendly High Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line
ApplicationDetergent powder, laundry detergent
UsageWashing products
CapacityAs customer requirements
Machine TypeAutomatic making machine
FunctionHigh spray drying tower

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