Spray Drying Tower

Spray Drying Tower
Product Description
Spray Drying Tower is required for dehydration of detergent powder. Slurry material comes in contact with circulated hot air from bottom to top part in its spray tower. The exposure of hot air and slurry results in fast drying of slurry and its quick conversion into granular form. The formulated powder has good dispersing effect, fluid like characteristics and good solubility. The advanced fluid dynamic simulation technology adopted by this Spray Drying Tower has a key role in its better drying performance.

  • Ideal for producing base powder with excellent scattering effect, fluidity level and easy dispersibility
  • Equipped with 3m~8m  tower
  • 5000~25000MT detergent powder production rate  p.a.
  • Easy to install
  • Available in tailor made configurations
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