Liquid detergent making machine

Liquid detergent making machine
Product Description

Energy Saving Liquid Detergent Production Line/ Laundry Detergent Making Machine

Product Description

The liquid detergent production line can be used to produce liquid detergent for civil and industrial use, such as dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel, toilet liquid, equipment cleaning agent and so on. Generally, intermittent production is adopted, which has the advantages of mature technology, stable and reliable operation, strong expansibility, energy saving and environmental protection. About the control, can use manual operation, semi-automatic operation, central computer centralized control and other methods. We can provide consultation, design, supply, installation, debugging training and other services of complete sets of liquid synthetic detergent production line with over 5000 tons/year according to customer demand.

Technology Characteristics

a. The production hygiene grade is high, the product quality has the safeguard

b. It can realize automatic and semi-automatic production

c. Reasonable process layout, energy saving and consumption saving

d. The complete set of equipment meets the national environmental protection standards

Product attributes

Product nameLiquid detergent production line/Laundry detergent making plant
CapacityAs customer requirements
UsageProduce laundry detergent, liquid soap,dishwashing liquid,etc
Application scopeDaily chemical, Industry
MaterialStainless Steel 304 / SUS316L
InstallationEngineer Guide
TypeWater treatment

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