Hot air furnace

Hot air furnace
Product Description

High Heat Efficiency Direct Type Hot Air Furnace for Daily-chemical, Building Material

Product Description

The gas(oil) fired hot air furnace is mainly composed of a burner and a combustion chamber. Compared with coal-burning and biomass burning hot furnace.The flue gas produced by the furnace is clean , but the fuel cost is high.

Technology characteristics

a. Full combustion, clean operating environment; environmental protection standards, no secondary pollution;

b. High cleanliness of hot air; Convenient temperature regulation;

c. Convenient operation and adjustment;

d. Manual / automatic control function;

e. It has the functions of automatic ignition, load adjustment, flame detection and alarm.


Daily chemical category: washing powder, 4A zeolite, PAA, etc.

Ceramics: ceramic powder (polished brick), glaze, kaolin, etc.

Fertilizers: potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, etc.

Chemicals: potassium fluoride, dyes (activity, reduction), alumina, etc.

Feed: distiller's grains, pellet feed, calcium hydrogen phosphate and other feed additives, etc.

Water purifying agent: polyaluminium chloride, ferric sulfate, etc.

Building materials: quartz sand (for glass), desulfurization gypsum, ceramic fiber, insulation board, insulation cotton, ultra-fine powder, etc.

Environmental protection: black liquor (lignin), waste treatment, solid waste, etc.

Others: rubber, silica gel, acetylene bottles, paper molds, mineral powder, briquette, wood, etc.

Product attributes

Product Name:Hot Air FurnaceCapacity:500,000-20,000,000KCal/hr
Fuel:Oil, Gas, Coal, BiomassUsage:Daily Chemical, Food, Medicine,building Materials,etc
Function:Automatic adjustmentType:Direct type
Raw Material:Liquid Form MaterialInstallation:Engineer Guide

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