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Heating Equipment

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  1. Coal Fired Hot Air Furnace Equipment

    Weakening air is constrained into the air radiator of our Hot Air Furnace Rotary Line Coal Fired Furnace Drying Equipment with the assistance of a constrained draft divergent fan that will blend with the results of ignition in the funnel shaped venture blending chamber, likewise fixed with protection material.
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  2. Coal Fired Hot Air Generator

    Coal Fired Hot Air Generator are fired with elevated productivity burners bolstered by a complete supplement of ignition framework comprising of burning fan, atomizing fan, weakening air fan, oil warming and pumping frameworks or potentially gas trains.
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  3. Heat Exchanger

    Put just, our Heat Exchanger is a gadget that exchanges thermal starting with one medium then onto the next, a Pressure driven Oil Cooler or example will expel thermal energy from hot oil by utilizing cold air or water. Additionally, it deploys high temp water derived from sun based heated or an evaporator water circuit to warm the pool water.
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  4. Chain Grate Burner

    The new Chain Grate Burner framework allows an extensive variety of biomass powers with high fiery remains substance to be combusted in an effective way with the additional preferred standpoint of programmed de-ashing. Our burner is rigid and functional in nature.
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  5. Coal Fired Hot Air Generator Furnace

    Hot air at wanted temperature and amount will exude from the outlet chamber of our Coal Fired Hot Air Generator Furnace that is additionally typically fixed with protection material. Moreover auto start, fire disappointment security and intact control frameworks are advertised.
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  6. Pellet Hot Air Furnace

    The chilly air is embedded in our Pellet Hot Air Furnace by an appropriate limit blower fan in first pass, assimilates warm from pipe gas section and as needs be both hot pipe gas and frosty air go inverse way in the entry which at last exchanges 90% warmth to cool air and conveys hot air from hot air outlet opening.
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  7. Coal Burning Hot Air Generator

    Basically any kind of fluid or vaporous fuel can be utilized in our Hot Air Generator / Hot Air Furnace/ Coal Burning Hot Air Generator/ Coal Fired Hot Air Generator viz. Heater Oil, Light Diesel Oil, LPG, Petroleum gas and Coke Broiler gas independently or a blend of any oil or gas when double terminated heaters are used.
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  8. Biomass Fired Hot Air Furnace

    A completely programmed multi pass counter current Biomass Fired Hot Air Furnace High Temperature With Air Furnace Drying Equipment comprise of stainless steel shell write necessary burning chamber suited in various M.S. shell. Our framework is a pack sort unit, settled on regular base edge.
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  9. Biomass Fired Furnace with Environmental Way Dryin

    The framework of our Direct Biomass Fired Hot Air Furnace Biomass Fired Furnace With Environmental Way Drying Furnace functions completely programmed on temperature detecting gadget introduced at hot air outlet that off and on the furnace at pre-set temperature.
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  10. Biomass Fired Hot Air Furnace with Safe and High

    Our Biomass Fired Hot Air Furnace With Safe And High Efficient Environmental Hot Air Furnace innovation includes a propelled shell in shell compose brilliant thermal exchange segment linked with a various pass shell as well as tube sort convective heat exchanger.
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