Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collector
Product Description
Our cyclone dust collector is particularly intended for high residue load, temperature, and applications that require item recuperation. It is outfitted with a mechanical separator that depends on the radial power for dispensing with high volume and expansive residue from all the modern applications. Besides, it is considered an affordable answer for cooking different issues of residue gathering. This cyclone dust collector can be utilized autonomously or as a pre-cleaner or with pack channel assembly, contingent on the necessity.

Key Focuses:
  • Toughly built for rendering solidness and little support
  • Cone area can be effectively evacuated and supplanted
  • Outfitted with fan wheels made of Steel or Aluminum
  • Accessible with Blast Confirmation Engines

Innovation qualities:

The provided cyclone dust collector has the cone with a rearranged cone shape. Introduce intelligent screen at the base of the cone. The separation from the mass to the cone center continuously expanded, it keeps the residue wind stream move from cone focus to debilitate pipe specifically. The intelligent screen can make the isolated residue fall into fiery remains container through a ring hole between the intelligent screen and the cone. Successfully keep the ascent of cleaned gas roll away the residue. Therefore, our cyclone dust collector enhances the residue evacuation effectiveness. MBK dust expulsion has a vast powder container, in light of the fact that the residue takes gas and pivots into the fiery debris container from the base of the cone, the lower the slag surface, the less the residue content with the low gas stream.

Basic advantages:

  • The blowing rate of the single cyclone dust collector is huge
  • Low resistance
  • The expense of hardware is low
  • Simple to catch dry residue with fine and low thickness


  • Model: MBS500-MBS2800
  • One cyclone limit: 15000-60000 m3/h
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