Washing Powder Production Line

Washing Powder Production Line

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Washing Powder Production Line is comprised of a proportioning tank, spray nozzles, aging system, high pressure pump, receiving unit, water tank, & RO system. It is utilized for the production of detergent powder in completely automatic manner. This line is highly appreciated for its eco friendly operation as it does not create any sewage slurry. Waste gas produced by Washing Powder Production Line is filtered by the catalytic converter before being discharged into the environment and water can be recycled for reuse in next batch.



  • Equipped with a perfect dedusting system

  • Great production capacity

  • User friendly operation


Washing Powder Production Line

Combined to our long experience in the detergent industry, we can manufacture different standards of professional equipment, such as proportioning tank, aging tank, filters, grinder, Belt conveyor, spray tower, post blender, vibrating screen filter, etc.  

Advantages:  Targeted, reasonable structure, high efficiency.