Solid Sodium Silicate Plant

Solid Sodium Silicate Plant

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Solid Sodium Silicate Making Plant

The chemical formula for Sodium Silicate is Na2SiO3, which is prepared by melting sand and Sodium Carbonate or Soda Ash. Also known by the name, water glass, the this compound is widely used in the making of detergents, paper, adhesives, silica gel, textiles, pottery, sanitary ware, paints, card board, refractories and many more. This is being the reason; it is considered as the primary compound in the several industries. Therefore, it is essential for several companies to opt for the good quality Solid Sodium Silicate Plant, and, this this aspect into consideration, we offer top-of-the-line plant for fulfilling all the requirements of our esteemed clients related to sodium silicate making plant.

Key Points:

  • An ideal choice for obtaining good quality sodium silicate
  • Rapid response time, minimum delivery time and dynamic approach
  • Can be easily assembled and disassembled with little or no maintenance
  • With this plant, minimum wages will be applicable for the labors