Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collector

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Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector, cheap price high efficiency dust collector

Our offered Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector is especially designed for high dust load, temperature and applications that require product recovery. It is equipped with mechanical separator that is based upon the centrifugal force for eliminating high volume and large dust from all the industrial applications. Moreover, the mentioned collector is considered as an economical solution for catering various problems of dust collection. This machinery can be used independently or as a pre-cleaner or with bag filter assembly, depending upon the requirement.

Key Points:

  • Ruggedly engineered for rendering durability and little maintenance
  • Cone section can be easily removed and replaced
  • Equipped with fan wheels made of Steel or Aluminum
  • Available with Explosion-Proof Motors

Technology characteristics:

  • MBK dust removal has the cone with inverted cone shape. Install reflective screen at the bottom of cone. The distance from the wall of the cone to the cone center gradually increased, it prevents the dust airflow move from cone center to exhaust pipe directly. Reflective screen can make the separated dust fall into ash hopper through ring gap between reflective screen and the cone. Effectively prevent the rise of purified gas roll away the dust (especially for 5-10 microns fine dust).Therefore, MBK improves the dust removal efficiency. MBK dust removal has a large ash hopper, because the dust takes a small amount of gas and rotates into the ash hopper from the bottom of cone, the lower the ash surface, the less the dust content with low gas flow.  
  • Mainly advantages of MBS west dust removal: The blowing rate of single MBS dust removal is large, small resistance, the cost of equipment is low.  Easy to capture dry dust with very fine and low density. 


Model: MBS500-MBS2800

Single cyclone capacity: 15000-60000 m3/h