Coal Fired Hot Air Generator

Coal Fired Hot Air Generator

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Coal Fired Hot Air Generator is required for blowing air at desired temperature & pressure which is required a number of heating & drying applications. It is widely used in pain, pigment, & ink processing sectors and chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. This machine is comprised of a circular combustion chamber with two concentric shells having inner shell made of refractory material. Apart from this, Coal Fired Hot Air Generator also consists of a mixing and an outlet chamber.



  • It is equipped with a forced draught centrifugal fan for forcing dilution air into the heater

  • Can generate hot air at extreme temperatures

  • High thermal efficiency and automatic operation



Coal Fired Hot Air Generator

Advantages : 

  • Meet the demand of environmental protection. No secondary pollution, good operating conditions.
  • Hot air is very clean, there is no influence on quality of product.Total heat efficiency >75
  • Temperature of hot air can be adjustable between 50 to 550. When hot air is supplied continuously, its temperature fluctuates between ±5.
  • Operate simply, adjust easily.
  • High security, there is no danger of explosion.
  • Equipment are durable, low cost of operation, easy maintenance.

Application : Hot air is very clean, which can be used to dry or heat such materials as fruit, vegetables, foodstuff, pharmaceutical intermediates etc.